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Insurance & Coronavirus

What we can help you with

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemics, we are all experiencing an extraordinary period, which we could not have imagined, only a couple of days ago. The current state of affairs is making a heavy impact on all of us. We are thoroughly communicating with many of our clients through various fields and we working on mitigating the impact of the current situation as much as possible. Our experience and expertise in the field of risk management is now being offered to You, without any obligations.

DPS RENOMIA is ready to advocate Your interests and to be on Your side during these uneasy times. We offer you our experience and our consultative approach, which can lead to revision of your risks, adjustment of your current insurance and cost savings. We also offer active negotiations with insurers about the proposed adjustments.

Audit of Insurance policies

We go through all of your insurance policies and agreements in detail. We specialize primarily on sufficient and expedient coverage of Your risks, on the correct setting of insured sums, amounts of deductibles and premium. Additionally, we evaluate policies wording and amend potential deductibles with our exclusive policy arrangements. The aim is to provide a concept and recommendations to modify / streamline the insurance program.

Risk analysis

Our team of risk managers with international experience carries out qualified assessments and analyses. In cooperation with You, they will create a detailed risk map – list of risks typical for your business sector. For selected risks we evaluate the probability and impact based on our experience we have with claims of our clients both in CRO and abroad. We project the results into the price optimization during the insurance proposal and execution of our services.

Support by specialists

All of our specialists (transportation, construction, aviation, trade credit & guarantees insurance, cyber risks etc.) possess detailed expertise in individual fields and kinds of insurance. They are ready to evaluate any insurable risks of yours anytime, inform you about the current situation on the insurance market and recommend appropriate solutions.




What interests you most

The government of the Croatia, as well as governments in other countries were forced by the circumstances to take many measures against the spread of coronavirus, resulting in a significant reduction, restriction or even complete interruption of business activities. Many sectors have been hit hard, such as hospitality, hotels various services and other retail areas. Most of these clients have a business interruption (BI) insurance, however, they will not have suffered any physical loss as a result of COVID-19 (fire etc.), which is the normal trigger for a BI claim under a property policy.

By and large average property insurance programmes with BI coverage are unlikely to have a coverage of losses resulting from a pandemic. Most insurance policies have never intended to insure losses resulting from a pandemic. This is an exposure that the insurers recognize that they cannot afford to insure. A potential insurance of pandemic can be compared to a potential insurance of war – it is that kind of exposure the world market would be unable to cover in full.

We are ready to review your insurance coverage professionally and answer your questions, however, prior to doing so, we need to check every policy wording carefully. In case of interest kindly address us anytime, we will be happy to help you.

In general, companies are fearing most the following consequences associated with the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Partial or complete restriction of the company’s business activity (decrease in revenues, in profit, while generating fixed costs, material decrease in cash-flows), which, consequently,  may also lead to a decrease in market capitalization of the company (impact on shareholders).
  • Threat of liability to third-party claims of companies and the management in relation with potential omissions / negligence of protection of the customers, visitors, employees, who may be excessively exposed to the threat of Coronavirus.
  • Increased costs related to decontamination / disinfection.
  • Cyber risks – rise in public concern about the Coronavirus may lead to an increased number of phishing attacks on companies (scam e-mails related to coronavirus).
  • Credit risk (material increase in receivables turnover time or receivables in default).
  • Company mobility with respect to the scope of the travel insurance, treatment abroad.




Practical information

Up-to-date information on government support and actions taken as well as answers to the frequently asked questions raised by the business about current anti-coronavirus measures can be found here:




Contact us

If you have any questions regarding insurance, do not hesitate to contact Igor Soviček (igor.sovicek@dps.hr), Marko Stanojčić (marko.stanojcic@dps.hr) or Ada Sučić (ada.sucic@dps.hr)